Saturday, September 21, 2013

Madden 16months & craziness

It has been far too long since I've posted and I am so sorry. I have been sick and still not feeling 100% myself yet but am slowly getting there. Its first time I've been sick with madden and man has it been tough. Luckily I have family that has been helping out a lot while travs at work. 
Anyways, now on to some better news.... Madden is full in walking and no more scooting. He almost runs now and has become very independent with some things. It's been so fun to watch him reach these major milestones. He has such a big personality and makes us smile constantly every single day. Sorry I don't have many pictures. I updated my phone and it deleted most of them. Here are a few though. 

Age: 16 months
Weight: 21 lbs 
Height: 30 in.( as of last appt) 
Favorite food: Chicken & hotdogs
Favorite snack: Pretzels
Favorite toy: little cozy car
Favorite activity: Playing outside 
Favorite song: pat a cake 
Favorite things to do: play in bath , and getting into literally everything. ( bathroom drawers and nightstand drawers are his favorite)
Attached to: Binky & minky blanket
Words: momma, dadda, papa, doggy,sat(what's that), buh bye, thank you, baba(bottle) , night night, football 
Must have: binky & blanket
Loves to: walk around everywhere 
Teeth: 8 
New things : walks, and saying bye bye and football
Goal this month: less bottle and more sippy.