Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our weekend get away

So this holiday weekend we decided t go to our vacation home on mesquit. I started our trip off pretty rough with accidently stepping on a cactus. I still have a cactus thorn stuck in one of my toes but am using drawing salve to try to get it out. I'm hoping it works cause I don't really wanna go to the doctor. Its been pretty painful bit seems to be doing a little better. Besides that its been pretty fun and relaxing.madden always has a blast riding the golf cart ,razor and playing outside. And of course its nice for is to get to spend some much needed family tome together. It was so nice. Hope you guys had a great fun weekend and now for some pics. 
Being a goof on the way down. 

Loves riding the razor with papa

He thought he needed to test the play stroller out

Practice for a sibling in the future. 

Family golf cart ride. 

Madden loves pickles