Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maddens Nursery

Madden's Nursery

So I've had some requests from people to post some pictures of Madden's nursery. I love decorating and designing as well and I must say I was very proud of my little man's room. I new that with our Dark hardwood floors I wanted grey walls in his room and we decided to do lime green as the accent color and white. Trav loves anything to do with Tonka trucks and construction theme so that's what we decided to decorate his room in. Our awesome neighbor was nice enough to do a couple painting which one isn't done yet and his lamp shade and painted Tonka trucks on theme. He is an amazing artist and did such a great job. My good friend and her mother actually made Madden's crib bedding. I got to pick all the fabric out and have it customized the way I wanted it and they did an absolute amazing job!! There are little details in his room such as his baby blocks which my sister in law made and I absolutely love and little things like his tonka trucks, pictures of him as a newborn and while he was still in Momma's belly that make the room so special to me. This room was made for a little special boy with so much love and care from everyone. Hope you enjoy!!