Thursday, October 24, 2013

Madden 17 Months & little cuteness

I cannot believe our little man is almost a year and half already. Time seriously flies by so fast. It's crazy. Halloween is almost here and the little guy is gonna be the cutest little monkey. He's not a huge fan of wearing his costume but he sure looks adorable in it. He's such a sweet little boy. It's been a rough few weeks with teething but for the most part he does pretty well. He has been obsessed with dancing lately. Anytime he hears music or his toys play music he starts dancing. It's the cutest thing. Also he has been saying whats that a lot and very curious about everything and copys a lot of what we say.

Age: 17 months
Weight: 21 lbs 
Height: 30 in.( as of last appt) 
Favorite food: Not eating much with teething:(
Favorite snack: Pretzels & Chips
Favorite toy: Garbage truck
Favorite activity: Playing outside & Dancing
Favorite song: pat a cake 
Favorite things to do: Loves to dance lately
Attached to: Binky & minky blanket
Words: momma, dadda, papa, doggy,sat(what's that), buh bye, thank you, baba(bottle) , night night, football, please, cat
Must have: binky, blanket & milk
Loves to: Dance
Teeth: 9 and 2 more working there way in
New things : Says please & cat, and loves giving the BEST kisses ever.He even makes the kissing noise and going muah.Ugh so adorable.
Goal this month: less bottle and more sippy. 

He has been obsessed with picking his toe jam lately. 

Some fun at cornbellys 

Loves his feet being tickled like his daddy