Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy first Easter!!!

Hello everyone,
Its been far too long since I've posted something. Been so busy planning little mans first birthday party which I am so excited about. I decided to go with a construction/ tonka truck theme like his room is. Cannot wait!! But ill save that for a later post.
So Easter was last weekend and It was gorgeous weather here. We spent most of the day outside with madders and he loved it. He is defiantly an outside baby. Always happy when he's in nice sunshine. So we decide each year to start a tradition on Easter and give madden a cute Easter outfit and swim suit for his Easter basket. Then as he gets older well put on little treats and goodies for him as well. We also decided to Start him In swim class. I'm so excited for it because he loves being In the water. Its a mommy and me class and it starts next weekend so I will keep you posted on how he does. Here are some Easter pics we took.