Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Madden 11 months

So madden is 11 months old now. I can't believe in one month I'm going to have a one year old. He is growing too fast. He still scoots on his little bum but is so fast now. I put him down and then turn around and he's gone and getting into everything. He has such a goofy personality. He knows if we laugh at him he repeats what we doing and feeds off of our reactions. He loves to copy us with the noises we make.
He had his first swim class on Saturday and oh my goodness. We have a little fish. He absolutely loved it. He was splashing the whole time and all smiles. He got dunked under water two times and it didn't even phase him. He came up laughing. So glad that he is a water baby.
He loves playing with his cousins, especially the older ones for some reason. He talks up a storm and babbles all the time. He is a very vocal baby since he was born. He brings us so much joy and happiness in our life's. Trav and I were just talking the other day and saying how lucky we are to have this little boy in our life's. He is truly our little miracle and we are so blessed. We love you Infinity baby boy!!