Friday, August 9, 2013

Mommy tip: sleeping

So a couple weeks ago madden got a little bug that wasn't fun at all for him and mommy and daddy. Well just say it was a rough week of sleepless nights. He's been sleeping through the night for months now but whenever teething or sickness comes in place it seems to mess with him especially at night. He also doesn't eat much during the day when he's feeling down which makes for hard nights and is no fun for anybody. So i talked to my sister in law who always has great advice and tips with kids and told her maddens situation and asked how i could help him sleep through the night again. I believe he was waking up at night because he was truly hungry cause he wasn't eating as much as he usually would during the day.  So, her advice was to give him some protein right before bed. She said yogurt is great and she gave her kids yogurt before bed. So I tried that and instantly saw results. So from now on every night before he gets bath and start his bedtime routine I feed him some yogurt along with his milk and he's good to go. Thank you to my sister in law for this great advice!!

Other foods that are high protein: 
Peanut butter
Grains ( toast )

Hope this will help some of you with your little one of you have the same issue going on. 
Happy Friday!!!