Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walking & madden 15 months

I am so happy to announce that the little madden is officially took his first steps today by himself! Woo hoo !!! I am so excited. We were at the doctors office for his 15 month check up and he wanted a chair, and boom... Off he went. I was so proud of him. Now he won't be making anymore new holes in his pants hopefully. ( for those of you who don't know, madden doesn't crawl ... He scoots in his butt)
Aside from his new milestone he is cutting two molars we found out and that answered my question of him being fussy and his loss of appetite lately. Hopefully that will end soon. Hope you guys have a fun weekend planned. We plan on working on walking more!!! 

Maddens closet: 
Shirt- Carter's
Shorts- target
Kids sperrys- journey kids 

Age: 15 months
Weight: 21 lbs 9%
Height: 30 in. 13%
Favorite food: Fruit and hot dogs
Favorite snack: Fruit yogurt & goldfish
Favorite toy: new kids dyson vacumm 
Favorite activity: Playing outside & pool
Favorite song: pat a cake 
Favorite things to do: play in bath ,throw everything, play with kitchen utensils 
Attached to: Binky & minky blanket
Words: momma, dadda, papa, doggy,sat(what's that), buh bye, thank you
Must have: binky
Loves to: swim & play outside 
Teeth: 5 1/2
New things : first steps today, saying thank you & buh bye, signs "more" 
Goal this month: work on walking more

He loves his hot dogs 

Visiting dad at work!