Thursday, January 3, 2013

Craziness & Sick Little Guy

Craziness & Sick Little Guy

So this past week has been super crazy. Trav's christmas work party is always in wendover and I was super nervous to leave the little guy over night for the first time being so young but was also looking forward to Trav and I getting to spend some time together and also getting a good night sleep and sleeping in a little. My parents were so nice and slept at our house so Maddy could be home still. Friday before we were suppose to go Madden had a slight temp that morning but just thought it was teething. Guess that night my parents were up with him at 3 till 5:30am. They said it was good cuddle time. Silly parents. Came back and he was seen by his doctor and had double ear infections. Later that night his temp reached 104.2!!!Yikes!!I was freaking out. The on call dr said to take him to urgent care. They said he had pink eye in both eyes! So on top of his double ear infection, fever , horrible raw bum cause the antibiotic makes bad runny poo and pink eye he was also super congested which made it hard for him to breath when he sleeps and hard to eat. So, after 5 days of a fever it finally went away, his pink eye is gone but his congestion is still their and seem like his ears are feeling better. 
Although the little guy is on the verge of recovering and getting better it has been super hard taking care of a sick little baby. It's messed with his sleeping, napping and eating. He lost a pound which is totally fine and he was sleeping with us propped up on pillows since he couldn't breath. So now, Mommy gets to sleep train all over again. Before he got sick he was doing amazing sleeping in his crib and going down for naps and bedtime. We would put him down without a fuss and he would usually fall asleep within minutes. Now it's a little bit of a fight but once he's 100% I hope he'll swing back into his usual routine.

So a tip for all you mommy's dealing with sick babies...just be patient and know that their is an end in site. While Maddy was sick I kept him on Tyenol every 4 hours & Motrin every 6hrs since he had a fever. Now that his fever is gone I just give him one dose of Motrin an hr before his bedtime until he's all better. I hate giving my little guy so much medicine but I also think he's been teething at the same time. I guess when it rains it poors!. Here's a few pics of the little guy when he was sick.

He looks so miserable. This is the night we had to take him to urgent care!

He's a little happy at the Urgent care!( btw it was freezing outside but since his fever was so high we had to strip him down to a onesie and socks, poor guy)

This is how he napped when he was sick. In Mommy's arms. It's been so long since he's done this so I was loving every minute of it.

And this is the little guy today! Chewing on his first toothbrush which he LOVED!!! So glad he's feeling better!