Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Madden's 8 Months!!!

Madden's 8 Months!!

I cannot believe our little man is 8 months old already.  He's growing so fast and learning new things each and everyday. He loves feeding himself snacks and anytime I try to help him he pushes my hand away and wants to do it on his own. He's developed quite the little attitude and knows how to get what he wants.  He still isn't crawling yet which everyone says is nice but Trav and I are so ready for him to start. He does tummy time a lot better than he used to and will kick his legs to try to go but nothing yet. He absolutely loves his jumparoo and will go crazy in it.  Sometimes I feel like he's just going to jump right out of it.  He loves his fruit and veggies and loves to drink from his sippy cup. He also loves yogurt. I started giving him half a yogurt after he east his solids and he waves his arms and gets so excited. He will eat almost anything we let him try. He loves to talk and hear himself make silly noises and recently he loves to copy cat us in our noises we make. He learned how to give kisses which is the cutest thing in the world. He has started to get a little separation anxiety if we leave him in the room alone which sometimes is hard when I'm trying to get things done but it's also so cute. Each day he grows and learns new things and it such a joy in our lives. We feel so lucky to be his parents are so proud of him. We love you infinity baby boy!!!

Look at those baby Blues!!! He gets those from his Daddy!!

This was his second time going to Utah Basketball game and he loves it!!