Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello lovely people ,
I'm so sorry its been so long since I've poster but I've been a little busy with maddens first birthday and our Disneyland trip. So this was maddens 3rd time going to Disneyland and he just turned one. Can we say  spoiled? I think so. Even though he won't remember it this young it is so worth it to take him. Especially this time because he was a little older and was a lot more alert. We took him on a lot of rides and boy did he have a blast. We also did the character dinner at goofys kitchen and he LOVED the characters. He would scream and reach for them every time he saw them. Once he saw a ride we were going in e reached for it and yelled. It was SO much fun this time. It was a blast to watch our little boy have so much fun. I will cherish this moments forever with him. Being able to go in vacation as a family is a huge blessing and I am so grateful we get to do these things together. 
Here's a few pics from the vacation. Also I will be posting pics of his party soon. Love to all!!!