Sunday, May 26, 2013

My top 10 beauty must haves!

Top 10 beauty Must Haves!!!

My top 10 beauty must haves!

1. Viva La Juice Perfume:
This perfume is my all time favorite. I love is cause not only can other people smell it but I can actually smell it on myself whereas other perfume I don't get the same effect.
2. Cover Girl Maybeline Lash Blast Mascara:
I have tried so many mascara's including some really expensive ones and this is by far the best mascara I have ever used. I love the curved brush and it leaves my eyelashes with volume and length.
3. Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation:
Just like my mascaras I have tried foundation's after foundation and they all leave me feeling like I have gone over board with the foundation and look like a clown. Not anymore. This foundation it so light and leave me with a natural look. It doesn't give me that cakey feeling or leave my skin feeling too oily. I apply this with a foundation brush in the shae w4.
4. Sonia Kashe Translucent setting powder:
I used to use tinted face powder to set my foundation and I never liked it because it always felt like I had too much on my face. So I came across the translucent setting powder and it's perfect. It doesn't take away the foundation I put on before but it also sets the foundation.
5. Concealer:
I never use to wear concealer until recently. When you have a baby you tend to get less sleep which sometimes means  bags under the eyes. For the days were I have those ugly dark circles I use a yellow concealer and then I use cover girl & Olay Simply Ageless eye concealer. I use a triangle under my eye and a little on my cheek bone and use my warm finger to blend it in. This is perfect for highlighting those areas.
6. A brown/ Neutral eye Shadow:
I love wearing a brown eye shadow on my eyes. This is my typical everyday look.
7. Pink Body Cream:
I don't only use victoris secret body cream I also use bath and body works as well but I love using cream rather then a lotion.
8. Nude Lipstick:
I love wearing a nude lipstick. I haven't yet ventured out to a full on pink or red color but I really want to try them soon. But I love stick to the nude. I use Essence In The Nude Lipstick.
9. Maybelline Fit Blush:
I love this blush.I use this in medium pink shade which can be used for any skin type. It stays on all day.
10. Bronzer:
I love using bronzer to contour my face. I use the Bahama Mama or the Loreal True Match in a darker shade. I use the n6 or n7 shade on my face.

Hope this can give some of you an idea of products you could try. Happy Weekend!

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