Sunday, July 21, 2013

Madden update

So little man is a little over 14 months now and has been a busy boy learning all sorts of new thing lately. He has been pulling himself up on everything and opening drawers , cupboards , you name it and its done. He gets into everything. He loves walking while holding someone's hands or his walker and loves to walk around furniture. He recently learned how to crawl up the stairs this weekend. Time for baby gate. He has been obsessed with going up them and that's all he wants to do and mommy sure gets tired of playing that game all day. He's so close to walking and I can't wait. I know everyone days you'll wish he didn't walk but I know I won't regret it one bit. Especially since he scoots in his butt and has been putting holes in his bottoms. He has been so much fun and the older he gets the better it is. We love you infinity baby boy!

Age: 14 months 
Favorite food: Any kind of fruit
Favorite snack: Fruit yogurt 
Favorite toy: vacuum & golf clubs
Favorite activity: Playing outside 
Favorite song: pat a cake 
Favorite things to do: play in bath ,throw everything, play with kitchen utensils 
Attached to: Binky & minky blanket
Words: momma, dadda, papa, doggy,sat(what's that)
Must have: binky
Loves to: swim & play outside 
Teeth: 4
New things : crawl up stairs , walk while holding hands or walker