Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Maddens 10 months old

Madden's 10 Months!!

Hello pretty people! 
Well our little guy is already 10 months now. I cannot believe that he will be one in 2 months. Time seriously is going by too fast. Madden finally started getting his first tooth. Teething has not been very fun but he's been pretty good through the whole process. He seems to want to chew and gnaw on everything. Including the stairs. Too funny! Its gonna be different seeing him with a little tooth now cause he's gone so long without one. 
He still just scoots on his butt but now he is getting super fast. Time to start baby proofing. He is defiantly getting around the house a lot and getting into everything. Opening drawers, cub bards, getting into the dogs kennel, just everywhere! Its so funny to see him scoot around instead of crawling. I will be posting a video of him and his scootin bum soon. He loves being outside and going on walks in his stroller. If he's outside he's a happy boy. He loves bath time and playing in the kitchen sink. We got passes to a water park for the summer and we decided to start him on swim class next month. I'm so very excited and hope he does well since he loves being in the water at home. He learned how to give really good kisses and whenever you say kiss he leans towards you and opens his mouth. When we say no no he shakes his head side to side. He loves copying us and learning new things everyday. This stage has been so much fun. Its a lot of work with teething and watching his every move since he is getting more mobile but its so much fun. Trav always says can we pause you and stay at this age. We are so in love with our little boy and are amazed everyday by the new things he learns and everyday. We love you infinity baby boy! 

He loves eating out with Mommy & Daddy!

Mommy & Madden at the zoo!

He loves going on walks!

I had to add this photo. His big cheeks and luscious lips are to die for!

Those blue eyes!!