Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommytip on Teething!!!


So, finally at 10 months old Madden started getting his first tooth. Took long enough. Sheesh! I swear he's been teething since he was like 6 months old. He woke up one night and started crying for like 30 minutes, which he never does. So, Mommy instincts kicked in and I thought he may just be teething cause he hasn't had any other signs of any sickness. So gave him some motrin and then he went back to sleep. A day later I looked at his gums and saw a little slit with a white thing on his lower gums. Yep, a tooth was working its way in their. He's done rather well than what I expected and hasn't been too fussy (knock on wood) but I wanted to share some things that has helped with his teething and might help when your little one goes into this phase. 

*Symptoms Madden had of teething:

-Nighttime sleep interrupted
-Chewing or gnawing on things (ESP hard objects & his fingers)
-Gum swelling, or white
-Loss of Appetite

*Tips I used to help with Madden

-Gave him motrin when he was really fussy
-Let him chew or rub my CLEAN finger on his gums
-Give him teething toys that were chilled in the fridge 
(some give teething toys that are in freezer but Madden didn't like that)
-Cold wash cloth for him to chew on

Hope some of these tips will help when your little one starts to teeth.  It's not a fun process and I found that the symptoms mainly lasted a few days before his tooth actually started coming in. It still hasn't came through all the way but I'm sure it will eventually. He still has little spurts at night when he wakes up and cries because his gums hurt so I end of giving him a little motrin & that seems to help. Hope you have a great day!