Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing Burp N Urp

Introducing Burp N Urp!!!

My Mom and I make our own baby products which are for sale. You can order any of the fabric we already have or we do custom orders. You pick your own fabric and we can make any one of the products we have! Some custom orders may be more expensive depending on price of fabric or extras! We will be posting new fabrics and new products as we make them. Any questions please leave comments!
Diaper Wipe Cases:     $10.00 each / 2 for $15.00
Burp Cloths:                $4.00 each / 2 for $6 / 3 for $10
Flannel Blankets:         $15.00 Each
Minky Blankets:          $30.00 Each
Car Seat Canopy:        $30.00 Each
Changing Pad Cover:  $20.00 Each
Crib Sheet:                   $30.00 Each
Shipping:                     Available once order is placed

Diaper wipe cases
Burp Cloths

Pink Polka Dot Car Seat Canopy

Blue Polka Dot Car Seat Canopy

Blue Paisley

Diaper Wipe Cases

Diaper Wipe Cases

Brown Floral

Girly Flower

Utah Utes

Pink Paisley

Pink Zebra