Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Arrival Blocks

Hey everyone!!! So my first post for crafts is so adorb and I'm so excited to share this with you. I think it's a perfect gift for when the baby is finally here!! I got these as a gift from my sister in law when I had my little baby boy and I thought they were so sweet and such a good way to remember the details of your little one! She did such an amazing job on them so I give her tons of credit for making mine! Here are the ones she made for me!  SO cute right?! They are in his room on his dresser and match his colors. I love them!!

My friend just had her baby the other day and I wanted to make her these blocks. I get all my wood products from wood connection in West Jordan, Utah. You can customize them to say whatever you want but here what I did.

This is the adorbable blocks!!!

Supplies needed:
4 wood blocks ( I get the rounded edge ones)
Little stickers
Big Sticker
Whatever color paint you choose to do
(I try to coordinate with whatever the baby's room colors are)
Sand Paper

Paint your blocks

Using sand paper, roughen the edges
( you can do as much or as little as you want, most of the time I like roughing up a lot to make it look more rustic)

Next you'll want to add the stickers to each block.
You can put a clear coat of mod podge over the blocks to protect them if  you want.
Next add ribbon to block and your done!

Aren't these so cute? So easy and so perfect as a gift or for yourself to always have a reminder of the day your little one was born!!