Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Madden 9 month!!!

Hello all my followers . So sorry its been a while so I've posted anything. I was busy with Trav's 30th birthday party!! So I just thought I would do a little update on our little guy. He will be 9 months on Friday already. I cannot believe it. Time seriously has flown. I thought it went by fast when I was pregnant and now it goes by even faster raising this little boy. He really has started learning new things like waving bye bye and recently has found a love for pickle spears. He will chew and suck on them forever. It's so cute. He has started scooting on his bum and belly backwards. Wrong direction but hopefully he'll get the right way soon. He's starting to get around a lot more and is one of the most vocal babies I've ever heard. He loves screaming and talking so loud. Makes us laugh. I can't believe in 3 months he will be one already. I have already started planning his first birthday cause I know 3 months will be here before I know it. I am so excited for his party. We decided we are going to do a construction/ tonka truck theme. I have some pretty awesome ideas so make sure you check it out when the time comes. This little boy has brought so much happiness in our life's and he brings a smile to our face everyday. We are so blessed to be maddens parents and feel so lucky to have such an amazing special little boy. We love you maddy infinity. Here's some pics I took a few days ago. He loves dressing up like his momma.

Red button up shirt = The Childrens Place
Jeans = Baby Gap
Red Tom's = Lolebella Boutique
Sunglasses = The Childrens Place

Sucking on his pickle!

Squeezing and screaming at the pickle